Use an auger anchor or sand auger to dock in the sand.

What is the best way to dock in sand?… An auger anchor or sand auger.

The best boat anchoring in the sand can be achieved by…Using an auger anchor or sand auger as a “portable boat dock”.

Instead of just anchoring, You are docking in the sand!  This allows more safety and security than just boat anchoring.


Spend more time at the beach without worrying about your boat!

Sand augers seems to be the newest and most “trendy” method of
anchoring at sandbars and beaches. An auger anchor or sand auger is a…Dock post with an auger on the bottom. It has a T-handle at the top which allows you leverage to easily turn down into the sand.

A sand auger is typically 5-6′ in length which will bury itself about 1-3′ in the sand.  Most products will have 2-3′ of post above the bottom to tie your boat.  The boat or pontoon is typically tied-off at top of the sand auger which is at or above water level…

Because of the convenient manner of inserting the anchor.  Most boaters insert a auger anchor in the front and back of the boat.  This way, your boat or pontoon is anchored securely with very little swaying action.

You should not have to go underwater…

But you may have to Lean Over The Boat…

You may need to lean over your boat to put the SandShark Anchor in!

Or…   “get in the water” or when using a sand auger.

This is a great boat and pontoon anchoring system!

You can find homemade versions made out of PVC, steel, and various other materials.  There are also manufactured products on the market like…

The SandShark Anchor  and the BeachStik.

The SandShark anchor is heavy duty and made out of stainless steel, with features including portability, extending, and collapsing.  The BeachStik is a less expensive version made out of steel which has a hammer method that “pounds” into the sand.

Many sandbars and beaches are filled with these types of auger anchors.  I’m sure the reason these auger anchors have become so popular is because of their effectiveness and ease of use. When used properly…

These anchors will hold boats and pontoons in place for hours.

Because of their strength and effectiveness, I’ve seen them used as overnight docks.  If docking overnight, be sure you have one made out of material you trust.  The SandShark anchor is one which could be used for this purpose.

Once again…

Tritoons, pontoons, and boats over 20′ in length are very heavy!  Please be sure to get a product that has enough strength to hold your watercraft in choppy or rough conditions.  We can not stress this point enough!


Instead of buying a bunch of inadequate anchors, spend a little extra and get something that is strong, effective, and made for the sand!

Please let us know which type works the best for you so we can pass this information along!

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